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Minneapolis, MN ( January 1, 2015)- HemaBlock,LLC and Vet Brands International announced that they are now re-launching the well-known hemostatic agent, HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder after a long absence in the market. HemaBlock is specially formulated to the needs of veterinary general practitioners as well as surgeons and critical care providers. John Honeycutt, CEO and Founder of Vet Brands noted, “The HemaBlock technology has been proven out in the human market for the last ten years … I like to say “ tested on humans and now ready for our best customers!” HemaBlock powder is a kinetically charged blend that utilizes the unique Microp...

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CVC 2015
28 Aug 2015

CVC 2015

Central Veterinary Conference August 28th-31st Kansas City, MO
WVC 2015
15 Feb 2015

WVC 2015

Western Veterinary Conference  February 15th-19th Las Vegas, NV
NAVC 2015
17 Jan 2015

NAVC 2015

North American Veterinary Conference January 17-21, Orlando, FL

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