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5 Pack Boxes

Now easier than ever to:

  • Properly store
  • Keep stocked
  • Access when YOU need it

Now it is simple to keep a ready supply of HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder on your shelves or in the OR to stop problematic bleeding before it occurs.

New HemaBlock 5-pack boxes:

  • Contain 5 sterile units of stick packs or pre-filled applicators
  • Are discreet, yet impactful. Design was mindful of your inventory space. Now you can stop wondering, “Hey, do we still have any of that HemaBlock?
  • Contain an informational document detailing “Instructions for Use” and answers to common questions
  • Visually illustrates the R.A.P.I.D. method to ensure you experience RAPID hemostasis
  • AND we did it all without raising prices. HemaBlock is STILL the most cost-effective solution for safe and effective surgical hemostasis available to the veterinary industry today!

Ask your distributor for your HemaBlock 5-Packs today.
Not yet available in your country? Contact us.

HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder