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About HemaBlock

Minneapolis, MN ( January 1, 2015)- HemaBlock,LLC and Vet Brands International announced that they are now re-launching the well-known hemostatic agent, HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder after a long absence in the market. HemaBlock is specially formulated to the needs of veterinary general practitioners as well as surgeons and critical care providers.

John Honeycutt, CEO and Founder of Vet Brands noted, “The HemaBlock technology has been proven out in the human market for the last ten years … I like to say “ tested on humans and now ready for our best customers!”

HemaBlock powder is a kinetically charged blend that utilizes the unique Microporous Polysaccharide Bead (MPB) technology combined with micronized fibrils of resorbable oxidized cellulose, which complements the safety and efficacy of the active MPB technology for veterinary use. The sterilized micro-beads act like a molecular sieve to rapidly dehydrate the blood, thereby accelerating the natural clotting process. The clot breaks down enzymatically inside the body in a matter of days to insure no adverse issues with patient healing, making HemaBlock the safest and most effective blood clotting powder available to veterinarians.

Josh Waldman, founder and CEO of HemaBlock notes, “We are pleased that the benefit of this technology, which has been safely used in millions of human surgeries all over the world for over a decade, is now available to the veterinary market.”

HemaBlock meets the needs of veterinarians searching for a simple and safe product that can be left inside the body to control problem bleeding in a wide variety of surgical procedures. Like humans, the companion pet population is experiencing rapid advances in surgical techniques, including joint replacement, neurosurgery, and cancer surgery which often require a proven safe hemostatic technology to control surgical site hemorrhaging.

Dr. Gary Norsworthy, DVM and noted lecturer on Feline Surgery “I often use HemaBlock hemostatic powder on pancreatic and hepatic biopsy sites. It is easy to apply and gives excellent hemostasis in seconds. Tissue tolerance is superior. I highly recommend it for both surgical and dental needs.

HemaBlock is available for purchase in a pre-filled syringe applicator as well as a larger volume sachet in a re-sealable tube package from US distributors including Patterson, Henry Schein Animal Health, Merritt Vet Supply, Midwest Vet Supply, NEVSCO, First Vet Supply and Victor Medical.