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Competitive Comparison

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where panic springs unexpectedly? Perhaps you’re performing a dental extraction and you accidentally damage a neurovascular bundle? Excessive¬†hemorrhaging follows while gauze and gel foams are reached for. Gauze and gelatin saturate with blood. It’s nerve-wracking, stressful, and all around frustrating.

This is the type of situation where HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder would have been a better option. Our Pre-Filled Applicator works well in dental scenarios where the powder can be packed into the socket to generate fast-acting hemostasis. This can even be transferred to sterile, surgical situations such as biopsies. In both instances, HemaBlock can be sutured over. Because it is plant-based, unlike gel foams from animal gelatins, it will be safely absorbed within a few days.

HemaBlock is also available in tube form for larger wound areas, or for those who prefer to fill their own syringe applicators.

And as an added benefit, HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder is green. You don’t need to use animal byproducts to stop bleeding in animals. This reacts better for the patient as well, because its components are clinically-proven not to increase the risk of granulomas or infection, unlike typical gel foam products (PDF).

How does HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder compare to the competition?

See for yourself. Both videos below demonstrate a fast-forming clot using HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder and citrated sheep’s blood. As you can see, hemostasis is achieved practically at the moment blood touches the powder. Proteins and platelets have been gelled, through dehydration, to form a tenacious fibrin clot.