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Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe is HemaBlock?

The MPB technology is the primary component in HemaBlock Hemostatic powder.  MPB has been thoroughly research, tested and used as a hemostatic agent in human surgery for over a decade and has been used in over 2,000,000 human applications.  There are over 50 published abstracts on safety and efficacy for the MPB powder.  HemaBlock adds OC micro-fibers to the MPB to enhance clot strength and ease of use.  This 100% plant-base combination of MPB and OC materials make HemaBlock an ideal absorbable hemostatic agent for a wide variety of veterinary surgical, dental and topical procedures.

Why am I having trouble getting powder out of the pre-filled applicator?

If you’re experiencing difficulty with powder getting stuck in the pre-filled applicator, there are 2 troubleshooting solutions:

1. Due to manufacturing, sometimes the powder gets overly compressed in the applicator. Before application, pull back the plunger and tap the side of the applicator to loosen the powder. The applicator should now operate without issue using the RAPID procedure.

2. During use, the tip of the applicator can get covered in fluid that blocks further release of powder. This is caused by HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder’s rapid and strong clot formation. Clear the clot from the tip of the applicator to resolve this problem. You can alleviate this problem by using gradual, even pressure to keep powder flowing upon introduction to the wound site.

Can I Resterilize HemaBlock?

HemaBlock cannot be resterilized in a clinic environment. Common on-site sterilization processes use either gas (such as Ethylene Oxide) or steam. High-humidity from these sources would deactivate HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder.

What is the Shelf Life of HemaBlock?

The product labeling has a 3 year “Use by” date based on accelerated aging testing results on package integrity.

Can I Use Leftover HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder?

A tube of HemaBlock Hemostatic powder has one sterile foil pack containing 2 grams of powder, which could cover a wound area of over 30 cm2 or over 60 cm of suture lines. Most often there is more HemaBlock hemostatic powder than is needed in a single procedure.  The remaining hemostatic powder can be used in non-sterile procedures such as dentals and nail trims.  Using HemaBlock on your surgical or dental procedures for control bleeding could reduce cost with more rapid hemostasis results in less time in the OR, less time under anesthesia for the patient, and less time needed to work on the patient appearance post-op – especially with dentals!

Do I Need to Apply Pressure?

Light pressure with your finger or a non-stick pad is recommended after application of the powder to a bleeding wound site.  Hold pressure for about 1-2 minutes and inspect for hemostasis.  It’s recommended to irrigate the wound after hemostasis for a better field of view and to deactivate any excess dry powder not entrained in the clot.  If bleeding persists reapply more powder.  Take care to slowly remove pressure to minimize the chance of pulling up the clot as it forms.

Is HemaBlock Sterile?

Yes, both package options have been sterilized by irradiation and have been validated as Sterile to ASTM standards.  To maintain a sterile field open the outer packaging while placing the immediate sterile packaging on to the OR tray.  Use any remaining powder for non-sterile applications like dental, topical wound care, nail trims, etc.!

Where can I use HemaBlock?

HemaBlock is safe to use in any case where bleeding is presented from general trauma to virtually all surgical applications – biopsies (liver, spleen, pancreas, etc.), lobectomies, spays, neuters, suture lines, dew claws and tail docks, de-claws, dentals/periodontals, mass removals, amputations, orthopedic surgeries, eye enucleations, even neuro-surgery like hemilaminectomies – anywhere hemorrhage control is an issue.

Is HemaBlock Safe to Leave Inside the Body?

Yes, in fact, HemaBlock is clinically proven to absorb soon after the initial clot has formed – the MPB/OC matrix quickly degrades by endogenous amylase and pyrase, leaving no residual to act as a nidus for infection or adhesion formation, virtually eliminating any chance of granulomas. The combination of safety and efficacy are unmatched by any hemostatic product used today in veterinary medicine.

How does HemaBlock Work?

The active ingredient in HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder is the Microporous Polysaccharide Beads (MPB) technology which is derived from potato starch. The MPB act as a molecular sieve to rapidly dehydrate blood and concentrate clotting proteins, red blood cells, and platelets to promote almost instantaneous gel formation which accelerates the natural clotting cascade. The MPB are combined with Oxidized Cellulose (OC) micro-fibers (derived from cotton fibers) which together enhance rapid hemostasis and absorb enzymatically in a matter of a few days.