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Re-sealable Tube

HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder stops bleeding fast. Put the powder on and apply pressure, it’s that easy.

This application of HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder comes in a 10cm tube (~3cm diameter). Has a tamper-evident seal and desiccant cap to maintain sterility and prevent buildup of moisture. Inside is a foil sachet that contains the powder.

A safe hemostatic powder that is cost-effective enough to be able to use it everyday situations where bleeding is a problem.
Perfect for large wound areas or for making your own syringes.

Save time and stress – Focus on the hundreds of other things you need to do today, let HemaBlock Hemostatic Powder handle the bleeding.
Everything stops bleeding eventually, but why not right now?

HemaBlock – Tested on humans, now ready for veterinary medicine!

  • Proven clotting power of MPB & OC
  • Covers a wound area of 30 cm2
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Sterile 2-gram sachet
  • Any excess works great on non-sterile procedures like dental extractions
  • Minimum order quantity of only one unit